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When you need to have new cylinders engineered, Yates has you covered.

Built to Perform

Yates Industries is a manufacturer and rebuilder of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of world-class value. All cylinders are cycle-tested to their rated working pressure before being delivered to the customer.



Tie Rod Cylinders

NFPA Tie-Rod Cylinders

From light-duty to heavy-duty, pneumatic to hydraulic, our tie-rod cylinders are ideal for the demanding foundry, steel mill, plastics and stamping industries. Yates manufactures all tie-rod cylinders at their Michigan facility, and offers unparalleled service with the largest cylinder repair facility in the Midwest.

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Welded Cylinders

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

For unparalleled quality and durability in a wide range of manufacturing applications, Yates welded hydraulic cylinders are your best choice. Our cylinders are ideal for your medium- and heavy-duty applications including packaging and extreme milling. Manufactured with pride at the Yates Georgia Facility.

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Mill Duty Cylinders

Mill Duty Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

With features like high-load piston design, heavy wall tubing, and induction-hardened, chrome-plated rods, Yates solid mill duty cylinders are built tough to keep on performing. These cylinders are engineered to be nearly indestructible in the harshest and most extreme environments, which is when they're at their best. Manufactured with pride at the Yates Alabama Facility.

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cylinder accessories on shelves inside a Yates



Ensuring You Have the Perfect Fit Every Time

Accessories are a crucial part of a complete cylinder solution. Offering a wealth of brackets, pins, rod eyes, couplers and other parts, Yates ensures that every cylinder fits safe and snug.

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